1. Survey of respondents for the study of consumers' opinion in the framework of the project Ukrainian People Award is conducted by the method of online voting of consumers for trademarks, presented at the Ukrainian market of goods and services, at the site http://ukr-choice.com/ and in the section Award of the 25h8 system https://25h8.com/.
These resources have a single authorization system and database. Registered users of the 25h8 system may vote without re-registration.
The information displayed at the section Award of the 25h8 system https://25h8.com/ and at http://ukr-choice.com/ is identical.

2. The purpose of the research is to identify the best goods and services among those presented at the Ukrainian market, which is based on the preferences of the overall assessment (specific characteristics of the nominees are not studied).

3. Survey geography: all Ukraine except Crimea and temporarily occupied territories of Lugansk and Donetsk region.

4. Language of the survey: Ukrainian.

5. Any citizen of Ukraine (or a person living in Ukraine), regardless of his/her place of residence, social/professional affiliation and other parameters, may participate in the survey as a respondent.

6. The survey is conducted by voting for one or more nominees in the appropriate category of consumer goods and services.
In 2019, 24 consumer categories are presented for research. They are Autos, Autotechnics, Business and Finance, Delivery, Food Establishments, Media, Tools, Internet & Communications, Information Technology, Beauty & Health, Medicines, Shops, Shops (Clothing), Drinks, Real Estate, Personal Care, Foodstuffs, Entertainments & Rest, Repair and construction, Service sector, Technics, Goods for children, Shopping and entertainment centers, Chemistry and household goods.

7. In each category, the nominee which received the largest number of votes from the respondents is recognized as the winner.

8. If number of votes of two nominees who have received the largest number of votes will coincide both of them will be considered the winners.

9. The possibility to vote is available to any user after registration, verification of the e-mail address and mobile phone number, as well as the introduction of additional information about themselves that will be used to build an analytical report.

10. During the registration process, users can complete the registration at the Ukrainian National Award site (SSO ID NET) or use the authorization by one of the social networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, DS (electronic digital signature).

11. Respondents do not receive a guaranteed remuneration for participating in the survey, but have an opportunity to take part in the prize draw conducted by the organizer of the Ukrainian People Award.

12. One respondent may vote no more than once in one nomination. For this purpose, technical and psychological methods are used to reduce this possibility.

13. In order to prevent repeat voting, those who want to vote need to confirm their email address and mobile phone number (Ukrainian GSM operator).

14. The organizer has the right to block access to voting in the case of attempts to falsify - artificially increasing of number of votes for certain trademarks by voting using software. In this case, falsified votes of users are not counted when summing up the votes.

15. After the voting procedure, when processing the data, each respondent's voice is awarded scores and the average score (in percentage terms) is calculated for each nominee in each nomination.

16. The results of the survey are stored at a special secured server of Amazon (Ireland).

17. In case if the voting system detects a short-term ultrahigh activity in a poll that exceeds the average number of votes from respondents in two or more times, only the average number of votes will be taken into account when finalizing votes.

18. The voting results are approved by the All-Ukrainian Marketing Research Agency specializing in the study of consumer behavior using the online DigData surveys.

19. On the basis of the confirmed tabular report and the recalculation, performed by DigData, after reviewing the results by an independent consultant, the organizer of the Ukrainian People Award informs about the results of the online voting and announces the winners of the Award in each of the nominations.