This is an all-Ukrainian national project, aimed at determining the best goods and services among all represented in the Ukrainian market, which is based on the preferences of the fairest and strictest jury - Ukrainian consumers.


Determination of the best good and services is based on the preferences of Ukrainian consumers and rewarding them with a sign of difference, which will confirm the undeniable quality and national recognition.


The proposed format is unique and has no analogues in Ukraine.
Participation allows:
- significantly improve the image of the company;
- essentially increase the effectiveness of the company's marketing policy;
- realize the potential of the company;
- improve competitiveness;
- prove yourself and the others your leadership position.


These are the undisputed leaders in their industries, who received national recognition and, according to the results of the voting, were recognized as the best by Ukrainian consumers.


The Ukrainian People's Award offers an innovative voting system at which the information about the respondent`s choice is automatically published in the news feed of his chosen social network – and this is a strong recommendation element.

Since the social interaction is boundless, the audience of interested users, who have good expectations and loyalty to the participants of the award, significantly increases.


- To give consumers the opportunity to choose themselves the products and services that are useful for them, which in fact will provide people's love for the brand (goods / services).
- To award the best goods and services to qualitatively distinguish them among the same types as the ones which are of interest of Ukrainian consumers.
- To popularize national brands.


Anyone can declare himself the best, but only a winner in the nomination of the Ukrainian People's Award, chosen by Ukrainian consumers, can become a real leader of the market.

This is the level that undoubtedly must be achieved, this is a motivation for development, a simple but very effective scheme of success that will firmly and permanently consolidate leadership positions in the market

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